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Monday, July 30, 2012

Yay! I'm domesticated (don't laugh, okay, I totally did so you can too)

So, my hubby got me a sewing machine (10 years ago, shut up).  And I decided to dust it off (which took a great deal of effort, again, shut up) and teach myself how to sew.  It started off rough, but once I cried, drank some wine, and called my beloved aunt to help me, I found the instruction manual and begrudgingly decided to use it.  Here is the funny part, as anti-instruction manual as I am, guess my profession?  Go ahead.  I'm a technical writer who WRITES instruction manuals.  I know, I am rebelling against the one thing that pays bills.  And please do not comment or make mental note of any grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors you see here.  I'm not getting paid for this, so my level of concern for that stuff is, well, let's just say "non-existent".

Okay, so I got my machine threaded, my fabric purchased, my "pattern" figured out, I was ready to rock!  And break a needle.  And cry more into my glass of Stella Rosa.  Note to all that are new to sewing, READ YOUR MANUAL!  You can thank me for learning that hard lesson for you.  Yes, yes, you are welcome.  There are terms in online tutorials that are not intuitive (not to me at least). 

Okay, so I'd go into more details on the process, but I'm not here to teach.  I'm just here to complain and show off my projects.

Circle shirt #1
Circle Shirt #2

Reversible bag #1, side 1

Reversible bag #1, side 2

Reversible bag #2, side 1

Reversible bag #2, side 2

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